Fullgoldcrown has admirably made numerous posts documenting that the pandemic was planned in advance, especially the narative regarding the test kits being developed years before Covid 19 was a reality. We now have a great piece by Ronan Manly, explaining that Covid, with all it’s many agendas that various nations have used as an excuse for or to implement, was designed because the worlds central banks were planning a global financial reset, SPECIFICALLY for the year 2020. He not only explains it but was actually documenting it years in advance. The only piece missing before now, was the pandemic. It now all falls into place and makes total sense how they got all of the worlds countries to join together to pull this off. It explains why each country not only went along but used the pandemic that they knew was coming, to implement all of these various national and international agendas at the same time.    https://www.bullionstar.com/blogs/ronan-manly/planned-in-advance-by-central-banks-a-2020-system-reset/