CRT is a philosophy of hyper-racialization that looks to radically transform our “inherently racist” society, including children. Under CRT, Martin Luther King’s dream is abolished, as racial identification is mandatory, and white children are taught self-loathing and black children to embrace victimhood. Like a religion, it is unfalsifiable, elevates subjective experience above objective reality, and crumbles under intellectual scrutiny.

Fully’s Comment :
Deleted: There is Only One Alternative IF YOU VALUE your Children’s Minds and their Souls .
Deleted: Private / Home Schooling…where YOU decide the Curriculum and participate in your own child’s Emotional Spiritual Mental and Social Developments …with or without the assistance of a well paid happy to have a great job.. Teacher. Find some like minded families and start your own One Room Schoolhouse. Ideally you hook up with like minded and multi ethnic / racial families…but whatever group you have there will be a tight bond forever.