Current data published by the Government of Canada.  Compare the numbers, 25 (Covid-19) and 23 (seasonal flu 2018).


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Note that the national death rate is skewed by the three-times higher death rate in Quebec.  Ontario, the most populous  province and the location of the largest city, Toronto, has a death rate per 100,000 of only 19 which is typical of Influenza/Pneumonia and actually lower than the last few years for Influenza/Pneumonia.  Also, bear in mind that when people die of influenza they usually die of the secondary infection of pneumonia which spreads easily in advanced influenza cases but not in otherwise healthy people.  The death rate for influenza alone is much lower but then, as we know, the death rate for Covid-19, alone, is similarly much lower.  The two viruses, from a public health standpoint are virtually the same as far as who they kill and how many.  Each year the main influenza virus type is usually different and sometimes there’s more than one.  Covid-19 has really just become the main “flu” season virus for 2020.

Bonus… Check out this article by the CBC from June dealing with the question, is Covid-19 just like seasonal flu.  Clearly the question is of great political interest by the way they demonize as conspiracy theorists those who say they’re the same.  This is a politically charged article and not a scientific one, which is what the whole “pandemic” can clearly be seen to be all over the world.  Note they quote a death rate for influenza that is influenza alone and therefore much lower and not very meaningful except for deceiving those who don’t know much about seasonal flu.  Of special note and quite curious is the death rate for Covid-19 of 22 per 100,00 in mid June.  Somehow the same government source is now in September quoting a higher death rate although deaths have petered out by now but “cases” have remained moderate.  The current number of 25 for all of Canada is still more or less the same as 22 as far as the big picture goes.