7 weeks exactly to the election!

In honor of Austin Powers – Let’s roll baby:

Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Pro-Pedophilia ‘Cuties’ Hits Number Four Movie In The US On Netflix

‘Burn Your Mask Day’ Erupts Nationwide

Palestinian Terrorists Fire Rockets at Israel as Historic Agreement is Signed at White House

Biden Hilariously Waves To Empty Field Walking Off Plane, Ignores Reporter Asking If He’s Concerned About Losing Support Among Hispanic Voters

Democrat Fake News Media Ignores President Trump’s Historic Middle East Peace Deals

Democrat War on Cops: US Marshal Shot Outside Federal Courthouse in Phoenix In Drive-By Shooting

Bumbling Biden Confuses Iran and Iraq as He is Reading From Notes in Tampa Speech

BOOM: Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Democrat Rioters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Armed Oregon Woman Finds Arsonist On Her Property, Holds Him At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive — Democrats & Fake News Media Still Blaming Climate Change

Insurrection and Violence: A Citizen’s Guide

Voter Fraud Updatre: 1,666 New Jersey Mail-In Ballots From July Primary Discovered In Bin

President Trump Shares Post Calling Creepy Joe Biden a ‘Pedo’

Drudge Report Monthly Traffic Spirals Downward As Longtime Readers Reject Democrat MSM Site

Harvard And Yale Under Continued Fire For Discrimination Against White, Asian Applicants

The Left’s Guillotine Practice Routine

Owner of MLB Los Angeles Angels at Latinos for Trump Event: ‘It’s Very Necessary’ to Vote for President Trump’

Sicko Michael Cohen Sexualizes His Own Daughter: ‘Look at This Body Man’

Democrat NY Rep. Rails Against Comrade Bill de Bozo, Demands He ‘Do His Damn Job’ and ‘Stop Playing Politics’

CDC Tried to Defy Trump and Push Poisonous Critical Race Theory, Then Trump Administration Shut It Down

NFL Team’s Spanish-Language Broadcaster Loses Job for Supporting President Trump

Secretary of State Pompeo on Trump’s Peace Push: Deals ‘Are All Connected’ to Trump’s ‘Strategy’ Recognizing Iran as ‘Primary Operator for Instability’

BLM Agitators Who Stole Elderly Couple’s Drink And Screamed ‘F*** White People’ Charged in Pittsburgh

Energy and Vehicle Production Fall While Other Industries Continue to Rebound

3 Synagogue Arsons in 1 Month in the Most Progressive US Cities

Famous Hollywood Director Judd Apatow Sounds the Alarm On Hollywood’s Obedience to Communist China

. . . Takes Stage With Don Jr: ‘This is the Only Time I’ll Take a Motherf***ing Knee!’

Most Americans Know Joe Biden Is a Trojan Horse for the Tyrannical Senator Who Lost the Primary

#CancelNetflix: Netflix Stock Tanking As Viewers Unsubscribe Over ‘Cuties’

No, Other Policies Don’t Morally Outweigh The Democrat Party’s Support For Murder

Warren G. Harding’s Grandson Asks Ohio Court To Exhume Former President’s Body

A Fact-Based Rebuttal To NPR’s Attack Of Climatologist David Legates

July 26: Islamic State Urges U.S. Muslims to ‘Monitor Well for a Place You Can Set a Fire Without Drawing Attention’

Disgraced Democrat Pervert Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin Spotted in NYC With Son

Lancaster Police Dept. Releases Bodycam Video Of Black Man Shot By Police — Shows Suspect Running Toward Police With A Knife

‘Threat Actors’ are Behind Portland Violence; We’ll Know Who They are Soon

Israel to Sign Historic ‘Abraham Accord’ With UAE, Bahrain at White House Tuesday

Herschel Walker: ‘The Democratic Party Has Become a Party of…Violence, Lawlessness, No Faith, No Family’

Backlash After UK Policing Minister Encourages People To Spy On Neighbours For ‘Covid Contraventions’

GOP Senator Ron Johnson Poised to Release Interim Report on Biden Investigation: ‘Stay Tuned’

Senate Intelligence Committee Rejects Request by GOP Senators for Documents From Russia Investigation

Anti-Trump Democrat Rioter Jumps On Moving Cop Car, Falls And Smashes Face On Pavement

US Issues Sweeping Travel Warning For China & HK: “Arbitrary Detention & Prolonged Interrogations”

ALL 58 FIRES in Washington State Caused by Humans, State Commissioner of Public Lands Says — Democrat Governor Jay Inslee Blames “Climate Change”

City of Louisville, Kentucky, Which Hasn’t Had a Republican Mayor Since 1969, Paying Breonna Taylor’s Family $12 Million Settlement

Democrat-Caused Oregon “Wildfire” Smoke Brings Record-Breaking Poor Air Quality

CNBC Host Jim Cramer Calls Pelosi ‘Crazy Nancy’ to Her Face, Immediately Apologizes

New York Mom Infuriated After Schools Try to Normalize Masks, ‘It’s Not F***ing Normal, People!’

FLASHBACK: “Experts” Predicted Jerusalem Embassy Move Would Kill Middle East Peace

President Trump Previews Five Additional Arab Countries to Sign Abraham Accords Deal with Israel

No Teleprompters: Interviews with Carter Page, Nan Hayworth, Mike Cargile, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Mini AOC

Woke: Scientific American Would Like to Remind You It’s Not “Scientific” or “American”

FBI Raids Home of Netflix Star and Biden Surrogate Over Underage Sex Allegation

Chicago Police Shot Five Times More Than Normal This Year, Superintendent Reveals

GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Why Has Kamala Harris ‘Been Silent’ on Ambush Attack on Los Angeles Deputies?

President Trump Says He’ll Appear on ‘Fox & Friends’ Once a Week for an Interview

President Trump Says He Wanted To Assassinate Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, But Former Defense Secretary James Mattis Stopped Him

Walmart is Rolling Out Walmart Plus Today, Its Amazon Prime Rival

Walter E. Williams: The Devil and Karl Marx

Washington Post Op-Ed: If Trump Voters Get On Their Knees And Beg, The Left Might Forgive Them

Tired of It Being Stolen: Massachusetts Man Installs Electric Fence to Protect His Trump 2020 Sign

Disbarred Slimeball Lawyer Michael Cohen: Trump’s Hate for Obama ‘Is Purely Racial’

‘Thousands Going Wild for Jesus! Unending Baptisms in Cow Troughs’: Revival Reaches Huge Crowds in the Heartland

House Church Pastor, Wife in China Face Charges for Homeschooling Kids

‘So Cynical,’ Pompeo Says of Pelosi Calling Historic Israeli-Arab Deals a ‘Distraction’

Dozens of People in New Jersey Stop Their Cars, Mistake Blimp For a UFO

‘Say I Apologize to The Black Queen!’ Black Supremacist Group Filmed Terrorizing Small Businesses in Virginia

Democrat Lois Frankel Demanding Big Tech Ban Opponent Laura Loomer’s Ads in Blatant Case of Election Interference

Heiress to Predatory Subprime Mortgage Empire to Spend $200 Million for Democrats

Former NSA Technology Directory Bill Binney: Snowden And Assange Don’t Need To Be Pardoned As They’ve Done Nothing Wrong

Democrat War on Cops Update: Shocking Video Shows Heroic Ambushed L.A. Cop Applying Tourniquet to Head of Wounded Partner Despite Her Being Shot in the Jaw

Fired Leaker and Ukraine Fake Impeachment Coup Plotter Alexander Vindman Admits He’s a ‘Never-Trumper’ and Hilariously Claims President Trump Is Somehow a ‘Useful Idiot’ for Putin

Fox Host’s Must-Read Thread Nails Why Democrat Rioters Feel Emboldened To Shoot Officers – and How They Can Be Stopped

Satire? Governor Newsom Orders All Trees To Wear Masks To Prevent Spread Of Wildfires

Climate Change Update: Democrat Domestic Terrorist Arrested in Portland for Starting Fire With a Molotov Cocktail — Released by Democrats — Starts Six More Brush Fires

Predictable Leftist Democrat ‘October Surprises’ Already Happening

Video: Russian Military Aircraft Intercept U.S. B-1B Bomber Over Bering Sea

Report: Meghan Markle Plans Netflix Doc on ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter Founder Patrisse Cullors

NY Democrat Councilman: ‘Trump Has the Support of a Vast Majority of Orthodox Jews’

Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva Honors Silver Star Awardee on Helmet As Teammates Opt For Social Justice Message

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Releases GOP Plan for the House

North Carolina Democrat Senate Candidate Appears To Stifle A Laugh When Thom Tillis Mentions Police Officers Shot In LA

Chinese Virologist Posts Report Claiming COVID-19 Was Made in a Wuhan Lab

Joy Behar: How Do We Make Americans Stop Loving Trump? [VIDEO]

Obamas Under Fire for Silence Over Netflix Child Porn Film ‘Cuties’

Taking On ‘Cuties’ Culture Should Be An Easy Move For The Right

Greg Gutfeld Humiliates Top Democrats Who Said Trump Didn’t Act Fast Enough To Stop Spread of the Chi-Com Virus By Playing Clips Of Them Downplaying

CBN’s Gordon Robertson Warns Christians of BLM’s Embrace of Marxism

Biden Identifies ‘4 Historic Crises’ Facing USA; Mentions ‘White Supremacy,’ Skips the Violent Communist Revolution Across American Cities

Privileged Pelosi Signs 7-Nation Declaration: ‘The Climate Crisis is the Existential Threat of Our Time’

High School Football Players Suspended For Flying Flags to Honor 9/11 Cops & Firefighters

Sean Hannity GOES OFF: ‘John Durham Has Not Done Anyone a Favor for Taking So Long – It Should Have Been Released!’

CNN Fake Newser Brian Stelter Ignores ‘Cuties’ Controversy in Interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Black Lives Matter Founder Admits to Not Just Marxist Beliefs but Occultist Practices

DHS Leaked Email Confirms That Communist Front Group Antifa is Not an Organic Uprising, But is an Organized Group

Candace Owen on Why Cops Get Indiscriminately Shot by Leftists: ‘Pea-Brained Celebrities’ Like LeBron James ‘Tell Young Black Men That They are “Literally Being Hunted”‘

Shock: Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome Drops Hateful Partisanship Temporarily in Face-to-Face With President Trump, Praises POTUS for ‘Record’ Response to Democrat-Caused Fires

‘No Police, No Peace’ Billboards to Reach 4 Million in New York, Atlanta, Dallas

The Left Sides With the Criminal

Tucker Carlson Bombshell: Leftist Who Celebrated Attempted Assassination of Two L.A. Cops Was Democrat L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Go-To Guy for Something Called ‘Cultural Competency’

Jersey Sales of Trump Supporter Nick Bosa Skyrocket