I know it’s late in the Cycle for gold to keep rising

I know cycles guys like the great Surf City expects a swift hard down to an Intermediate cycle

It sure would feel more comfortable to get that out of the way…wth calls for sub $1800 Gold and $20 Silver….it would be devastating for Goldbugs holding Mining Shares .

So How do we play this

Many are 100% on the sidelines waiting for the cycle bottom.

They may try to be calm and wait for the inevitable but were you all that calm Yesterday ?

In a Bull market…surprises are to the upside

An objective observer would look at the action…. (since that breathtaking rally from $1700 on June 7th until blasting straight through the old high from 9 years ago …$1920….to a new all time high just south of $2100)….and notice that in the 6 weeks since that high Gold has refused to drop and close below that high water mark.

We ALL thought that $1920 would offer some strong and persistent resistance but Gold sliced thru like it wasn’t there.

BUT it is There Now….Acting as support on many tests…

It’s been a classic retest of the previous high …a Monumental high that lasted a nanosecond back in 2011 and that stood for 9 long years.

So whats a bug to do…sit and wait for that support to fail ?

Or Hold on for dear life ?

What are You Doing ?

Stand By…we’ll need a poll