is ill-informed, selective, misses out data going back literally one million years (forget the ‘missing’ 1970’s data). 33 years in meteorology, having sight of all the data and all the hard working ‘geeks’ like me who are trying to lay it out. Yes, there are points of discussion and disagreement as there always are in science, but this blanket ‘debunking’ of what is perceived to be the mainstream view is going to far. Have you ever heard the term ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’ ? It means, just because there are some mistakes/errors/unknowns, it doesn’t mean it’s all wrong.

I do not intend to argue my point here – I have a life to live and really can’t be bothered trying to change peoples very fixed views. I’m sorry to say this is fast turning into a site for tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. Yes, this type of mis-information deeply offends me after a lifetime working in this area of science. Seeing this literally made me want to puke. It sounds so convincing to those who know nothing about the subject – as all these things do… 5G causes coronavirus in case you didn’t know – literally tens of thousands of people actually believe that, just like in the 1800’s people believed sitting on a train would kill you because the air would be moving past too quickly. The Earth is flat, and the moon landings never happened. I’m actually sick of all this bullshit now.

Fully – can I respectfully ask you to delete my account. I do not intend to return.