From Dr. John Campbell

30 minutes of very good news you will not hear on your favorite MSM Channel

Bottom Line.

After exposure to this virus you are immune to it for a long time by various different mechanisms

Even asymptomatic People are immune to a second infection. Will NOT Can Not Get sick .

The immunity is Robust and very Long Lasting.

Dr. Campbell doesn’t seem the share any concerns re safety issues of a vaccine …So there is where I differ

But He does believe that herd immunity is moving along and many millions are now immune…..and a Vaccine could enhance this

So My question to Dr Campbell and anyone who is promoting vaccination for all is

Would you recommend an immune blood work up prior to “recommending” vaccinating any individual ?

If there was already signs of immunity …antibodies and or memory T cells …then would it be necessary to give that person the vaccine ?

We KNOW the scientific answer is….. NO !

So…go out and contract this thing…take HCQ or Quercitin and Zinc and voila…no Gates Killer vaccine needed for you “Immunity Passport”

Right ?

Good news …pass it on