This is an interesting insight into what is one of the most important topics of our lifetimes.

Hugely MSM slanted towards Pro vaccination but some interesting discussion nonetheless.

WE are gaining ground of late .

By WE I mean Pro Consent ( Not necessarily Anti Vax)

Keep the momentum going.

Discuss the dangers and repercussions with friends and family. Show them the articles we are presenting here.

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It’s still amazing to me how many morons out there would just blindly trust a vaccine that has not even been created yet …Nothing has ever in decades ..come close to being an acceptable corona Virus vaccine but now they are working Warp Speed to rearrange your DNA and these idiots can’t wait to line up for this.

Must read for all to get a handle on the battle .

The Question :

Do you want these Pricks to Prick You or Not ?

We have immune system boosters ( simple natural readily available proven and safe)

We have early treatment cures ( simple natural readily available proven and safe)

We already have Herd Immunity in most places ( antibodies / T cells)

We Don’t need no DNA altering crap mainlined into our bodies.

Another Poll

From the Prick in Chief

Although face coverings, physical distancing, and proper isolation and quarantine of infected individuals and contacts can help us mitigate SARS-CoV-2 spread, we urgently need a safe and effective preventive vaccine to ultimately control this pandemic,” said Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, in a statement.