An E mail conversation I had with Marek in Luxembourg


Could you please publish the following question on the website:

Glenn Beck interviews Dr. Simone Gold

In view of the facts presented in the above interview, do you think that the time has come for the world to file a genocide suits in in all the countries where officials deny using life saving medicine.

And this will include all actors participating in misinformation.

What do you think, Gary?

Too strong ? , too much ? too naive ? pointless ?

I had enough, as you could see.

HCQ has been on the FDA approved list for 65 years, and proven to work with SARS-1 and now it works when used early.


have a nice day


Yes Marek

This is good.
I feel the same ! Dr. Gold is as good as Gold !
There really are no words for this
And yet So many people just say…Oh Well not my problem!
Let me go count my Gold profits .Lets just talk about Gold OK ?
Oh Well ?

If it racist to say Nothing about BLM
It is accomplice to Murder to just accept this ban and censorship of a proven treatment for this disease that is destroying lives in so many ways.

At the very least no rational healthy minded human being would say that administering and taking this drug preventively and or as a treatment should not be a decision between a doctor and a patient.

If you support the Main Stream narrative You support banning the doctor Patient relationship . You support Murder

These Psychopaths are Playing God for their own Enrichment and Power.

They need to be Locked Up !