That piece I posted this morning was very interesting explaining the chronology and genesis of the HCQ Controversy .

The Author went into great detail near the end to show the difference in CFR ( Deaths as divided by confirmed cases) in the EU and separately Germany vs Countries who early on and to this day have contravened WHO guidelines and are using HCQ routinely.

He Isolated Germany from the EU as it is held as the exemplary Country with the greatest success in CFR but they do not uses HCQ routinely.

I have wondered out loud on the board Why some countries have such low CFRs vs most oF the “First” World !

Here is the bottom line in a Graphic .

Suffice to say all the Countries listed below Germany are Routine HCQ Users.

Censored ( removed) …but of course !

Three other interesting cases cited by the author

1 Switzerland

At the end of May, when Lancet published the fraudulent study, several countries decided to cancel the authorization for use. Switzerland was one of them. It was banned on May 27. The country had a low daily death toll.
Between May 28 and June 7, only two people across the country died of COVID-19.
From June 8 to 23, Switzerland had 35 deaths.
The suspension did not last long. Switzerland has again authorized the use by doctors.
After June 23, deaths returned to a low level. In the next 15 days, Switzerland had only 7 deaths. The graph can be seen here on the Worldometers website.

2 New Brunswick

New Brunswick becomes Canada’s first province to “organize” and “authorize” the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of certain patients with COVID-19.
The confirmation is here.
On July 17, 168 cases, 2 deaths. It gives 1.19%. While in the whole of Canada, it is 8.08%.

3 South Dakota

Two news confirms. That South Dakota auditioned across the state. And that, stubborn and uncompromising, they continued using the drugs, even after FDA warnings.
On July 17, 7,789 cases, 116 deaths. 1.48%

All of the data with references are found in this piece from Brazil.

Note the author is a fierce Trump Hater ..but came to the conclusion that the suppression of HCQ is Politically Motivated by the American Left and Financially Motivated by Big Pharma.

Something Goldtent readers are very well aware of .

I did the Math and in the USA early on the CFR was close to 10% …now in sum it is 3.3% ( better than Germany)

Early on most cases were in the US North and North East ( Democrat States )

Now most cases are in the South ( largely Republican States ..except California)

But as we heard from the Frontline Doctors …many physicians are using HCQ in theUSA in spite of harrassment and barriers by the PTB….so it stands to reason the CFR has been falling.

Cases have skyrocketed but deaths have dropped ( with a small spike of late)

How many lives could have been saved in the early days in NY and all had the HCQ studies in 2005 been heeded .

Bottom line the author cites many studies and 80% show positive results for HCQ in early treatment .

Of the others the two largest negative studies were both retracted …one by Lancet and one by the New England Journal of Medicine as they were found to be not just unscientific but actually purposely fraudulent.