When it comes to the new coronavirus, we’ve heard it time and time again. Nothing will work, nothing can work, there is no point trying to find anything else because the only thing that will and can work is a vaccine. This was the sentiment of Bill Gates early on during the pandemic, that things won’t go back to normal ‘until a vaccine has arrived,’ and still is.

The doctors explained their reasoning, and provided their information and evidence based on experience. Again, we must ask ourselves, why is this information being completely wiped from social media platforms? What is going on here?

The Takeaway
We are living in a time where information is being censored like mad. A lot of people out there have formed an opinion without really looking into the mater, and instead simply rely on and trust what their government is telling them. It can be difficult for some to accept the fact that those who make major decisions on our planet with regards to not only our health, but virtually everything, really don’t have our best interests at heart. This is the process of awakening, it’s something we have to go through and come out on the other side with a new understand, from a place of peace, not fear. An understanding that we can change the human experience any time we want to. We don’t need to continue to uphold a system that’s full of lies, deceit and corruption. It seems every single day, month and year there are more and more opportunities to wake up, see, and starting questioning what’s really going on here. That’s exactly the process we are going through now. What 9/11 did for human consciousness, COVID-19 is doing the same.

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