Fauci Poisoned an Entire Generation of Americans

I told you he was a snake. A Serpent !

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Bobby Kennedy Jr. Interview

Everything you need to know about vaccines .


” These Companies who have Zero Liability for their vaccines are incentivized to create vaccines that cause auto immune diseases , autism and all sorts of other diseases .

They make 10s of billions on selling these mandatory vaccines ( which require NO RCT Proof or Advertisement Budget) and then they make hundreds of billions selling drugs to treat the diseases the vaccines cause.”

Nice work if you can get it eh ?

And they ostracize people who question and resist vaccines and have given them the moniker Anti Vaxxers !

When really they are Just

Pro Informed Consenters

Informed consent is the central tenent of modern medical practice.

It is quite simple…

Please answer 3 simple questions about your vaccine so I may make an informed decision to accept or decline.

1…Show me independent research that shows the safety profile

2…Show me independent research that shows the efficacy (how well does this vaccine protect me from what it is intended to protect me from )

3….Show me the risk of contracting this disease and the risk of serious illness if i do contract it.

Thats it.

Thank you now I will weigh the evidence and decide what is right for me and or my child.