I am sure most of you watched that Chilling Warning from that incredible lady from the former Yugoslavia.

I am sure by now most of you recognize that the Bullshitnics have been emboldened and are now in full attack mode in their never ending war for world domination / genocide / reprogramming !

However what is different THIS time from the 1920s and 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and 70s etc

We have the internet …We can call Bulshit on the Bulshitnics …we can shine a light in the darkness…we can see what is going on and send out the RED alert to friends and relatives who are not tuned in.

At first you will just annoy them…then they will say you have been influenced and hijacked by conspiracy theorists ( and gold bugs) …they they will start to notice slowly for them selves that maybe what you say has some merit …then they will understand..

All this because we have the internet / email .

Everybody is connected to everybody all day every day by these incredible little devices that we all carry.

Yes it is also a tool for the psychotics …they are clever and know how to manipulate the dialogue and they own the education system and the media for the most part…

Look at this mask issue…in spite of overwhelming evidence they are bullshit…they continue to push the narrative ..mask wearing citizens are GOOD Caring responsible citizens ( comrades ) and Anti maskers are Inconsiderate Dangerous outcasts deserving of punishment ( I hope they get sick and die..serves them right )

BUT…It is harder for the Psychopaths to blind side us….they may initially get the upper hand but the bottom line is We the People do NOT want their Bullshittricks ….and they are becoming more and more obvious !

They have probably overplayed their hand..

I know I was asleep to all of this but they “WOKE” me up fast with these sanctioned riots while they demanded the police stand down!

So all it takes to resist this menace ,that after all has been around forever lurking in the shadows and gathering strength, is to spread the word ..all day every day to your contacts…suffer some rejection…it’s worth it .

Evil cannot stand the light !

Most people are inherently good …all it takes is for them to be aware of these cretins ..that they are real..that you meet some in your community every day…that they want “revenge” and Power over You by scaring the bejesus out of you!

If you see or experience them in your daily lives ..you have a way to immediately share it with 1000s of people on social media and your personal emails

They cannot achieve these goals without YOUR tacit allowance .

One brilliant tactic they are using with this racism scam they invented is IF you are not vocally condemning racists YOU are a racist…you are to be shamed…you should lose your job ….you should be eliminated first socially and then physically.

Well two can play that game ….I say if you are not vocally exposing this existential menace then YOU are part of the problem . It may not be your problem yet but if you remain silent and / or oblivious it will surely be soon.

Good Bless the Smart Phone and the Internet.

Pass it on !