Should we really be testing people with no symptoms for Covid ?

This article explains something no one seems to care about .

Take away

The PCR Tests give high numbers of False Negatives and more importantly False Positives….to the point where they are meaningless.

Most people never consider this and believe these tests are 100% accurate.

AND SINCE WE KNOW FROM THE WHO ..that many studies have been done in many countries which show “asymptomatic” positives do not spread the disease ( they are usually asymptomatic because they don’t have the disease !)

Do we test healthy people for the other Endemic Communicable Diseases ?

Endemic means and “epidemic” which is considered to be permanent .

Some of these are more prevalent and kill more people every year that will covid.

Flu , Tuberculosis, Lysteria , Hepatitis A B and C , Hantavirus , Enterovirus , STDs ,AIDS , Typhoid and a whole host of others.

Shouldn’t everyone going into a restaurant be required to have been certified to not have any of these food borne viruses

Shouldn’t everyone wanting to have a sexual encounter need to have a card stating they do not carry AIDS or other STDs

Shouldn’t all TB carriers ( 13 Million in the US alone) be required to wear masks when they go out anywhere in public ?

Shouldn’t we all be tested for the Flu before we go to visit vulnerable relatives ?

For me the biggest takeaway from this article is…the requirement for all Athletes in Pro Sports for example to be tested before each game is RIDICULOUS …given the high probability of a false positive.

One positive test and you are OUT…until you can demonstrate 2 negatives ( but there are also many false negatives)

Why not test only those with symptoms !