The only chance(albeit slim) that the silent majority has to overturn the political and economic nonsense in the US(worldwide as well) is to learn from and utilize one of the left’s main tactics. The US population needs to start using economics to stop the wokeness and politically correct bullshit that is taking over the country. Boycotts of any and all companies, organizations, schools, charities and individuals who spout leftist propaganda and refuse to allow open and fair debate. Turn off the shows, stop buying and reading the newspapers, magazines, websites etc. Stop patronizing stores and businesses that support all these cockamamie causes and movements. The power of the purse is really the only effective weapon available. Any company, university or organization that fires someone for offering an opinion that doesn’t go along with the leftist manifesto needs to be challenged and boycotted. It is a longshot and people need to take a long game approach. This disintegration of our standards and values didn’t just happen overnite, we allowed it to happen and we need to fight back if America is to survive!