If You are a Skeptic ….of the Skeptics ( like that idiot Fullgoldcrown) who think the Coronavirus called SARS COV2 may not even exist .

If you find it almost impossible to believe that the source of the disease and deaths we have seen around the globe may not be as advertised .

If you really want to understand the Issue with the Virus Lack of Proof it Actually Exists .

You Owe it to yourself . To your family . To your friends and To humanity to watch this 45 minute video.

He is a very calm and easy to understand man . His explanation really solidifies what is meant by “purification” of a virus particle and how important it is to prove where the particle being tested for actually comes from.

This is Dr. Andrew Kaufman

No he is not a virologist or epidemiologist or immunologist , he is primarily a Psychologist …but his real forte is scientific research …researching the research if you will .

Shout out to North who posted a theory from Dr. Kaufman that what is being called a virus may be just normal human tissue particles called Exosomes.

I immediately dismissed this ridiculous idea in a comment …sorry North…I was wrong to judge somethin I know nothing about !

Fascinating and Enlightening : And the Interviewer is terrific too.

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