Jon Rappaport has just passionately laid out the only path to scientific verification of this so called “pandemic” caused by a virus which is still to this day UNPROVEN .

And this protocol is very doable…easily…

Is the Scientific Community Listening ?

A must read …even if you have Anti Pandemic Fatigue .

And speaking of the Scientific Community …Dr.Michel Levitt ( Nobel-Lauriate ) is calling them to task

OK …I get it !

In January it became apparent that something was causing Severe Pneumonia in a cluster of patients in Wuhan

China. Time was of the essence. A Group of Scientists RUSHED to find a pathogen that could cause such an outbreak. They were essentially in Panic Mode. In a matter of days they came up with what they believed to be the cause.

A new Coronovirus ( a zoonic virus that jumped from an animal to man . No one was immune Deadly)…in another matter of days they had already “sequenced the whole genome and disseminated it to the world…in another matter of days they had a “PCR” test that could supposedly detect the “virus” ..well test for a small piece of rna assumed to be from a virus..but thats GOOD ENOUGH…we will produce Millions / billions of these test kits and have thousands of health care workers shove a swab up their noses to detect the sick ones so we can quarantine them and all their friends too.

I get it…the whole world breathed a sigh of relief…yes this looked to be a deadly pandemic progressing but at least we knew with 100% certainty what was causing it , where it came from ( still debating) and how to detect it. Whew…Thank God For Science !

With this information epidemiologists could “tell” us with “models” how we we could react accordingly…and soon it became apparent that 100s of millions would die if we did not lock down the whole planet…so that’s what we did ! Like which politician is going to take that responsibility on eh ?

BUT NOW… we are 7 months into this and billions of man hours of scientific scrutiny from a multi disciplined world wide joint effort…and still ALMOST NO ONE questions this original work / theory which was all hatched in a week by a small group of Chinese ( and German) scientists.

Here it is…here is the Thing in our incredible electron microscopes…take our word for it…IT IS THE most important Thing in World History…We have seen it..we have identified it..ARMED AND DANGEROUS…AVOID AVOID AVOID !

But here’s the kicker ..unlike The Joker , Charles Manson , or Ted Bundy or Hillary Clinton …you cant see this mass murderer…so you must hide and cower and cover your face in fear until we have the Antidote…the Vaccine to save humanity .

Please read the literature Posted here if you doubt that the virus theory is unproven and possibly unrealistic even :

…So far there is still no real scientific proof that this virus actually exists ( yes they have a genome and yes we can see cartoon characterization of this thing ..which is prominently posted on almost every MSM , Hospital ,Company website ….like some “Wanted Dead or Alive” Poster.

Another article posted here a long while ago speculated that this is just normal cellular rna found in all humans. I dunno but until this virus theory proven..YOU dunno either

So my question is WHY ? After 7 months of suffering the fear and economic devastation and yes real fatalities of some unknown number WHY has no one in the scientific community bothered to go through the simple procedure
shown in this post by Rappaport once and for all see if the theories and tests done in haste way back in January and that have been accepted as GOSPEL actually hold up under firm scientific Scrutiny .

We should many months ago now have had the answers to these basic questions :

Is this a Virus induced Disease ? ( unproven)
If So has the causative factor been verified ? ( unproven)
Is it One Disease or several ? ( not sure)
Does the test test specifically and effectively for this ? ( Proven NO!)
If it past time to look for another possible cause ?

Like Dr. Michael Levitt so eloquently and passionately says ..We have to be seriously disappointed with how the Scientific Community has handled this thing !

Science is supposed to be based on the premise that every theory must be verified and every theory must be challenged

That no one is even trying to do either is disappointing to the nth degree .

I have been an avowed atheist / agnostic for most of my life and a proud believer in Science.

BUT all this makes me think about getting back to Religion .

Because when you think about it The Coronovirus Culture IS a Religion.

A Faith based Religion , complete with a hierarchy of high Clergy like Fauci ( Pope) and Gates and the whole faceless crew at the WHO and CDC and all the other Alphabet soup agencies right down to you local Public Health priests who tell us how to behave under penalty of excommunication , so you don’t go to hell !

I am willing to consider all offers ..who wants a disillusioned former atheist convert in their congregation ?