Let’s smash some false narratives and show once more that the Nobel-Laureate Dr. Michael Levitt and these other scientists are right…..

Second wave? Not even close.

500-1000 Deaths/1M and this is DONE in a country said the good scientist at the beginning of covid.

I wrote the deaths/1 million on each chart. Notice something? Coronavirus is done in every country with death counts between 500-1,000 whether they locked down or didn’t. He argued from the beginning that you had to let this run its course and let the healthy get it to reduce the death rate.

Coronavirus is DONE in these countries above.


Stop listening to the false narratives. You guys are smart people. Realize what is going on….

These two countries below? Just haven’t gotten to Herd immunity yet. They will. They’re not to 500-1000 deaths/1 M like was predicted almost 3 months ago was necessary by the good Doc.

All we’re doing in the United States? Delaying the inevitable and killing our economy for something that’s going to happen NO MATTER WHAT….

The United States is unique. We locked down pretty early before coronavirus could run its course.

MUCH of the United States hadn’t received the virus yet. Some states still haven’t!

We are now seeing every state have to go through this natural rise and fall of a death curve as the coronavirus creates HERD IMMUNITY.


Let’s analyze some states now.

Bad policies, especially with nursing homes, really hurt these two with the highest death counts, NY and NJ, causing an anomaly over the predicted 500-1000 deaths/1M by Dr. Michael Levitt. Also there were whistleblowers that said in some of these northern hospitals they were venting people early and often, without consent in some cases, and collecting the covid cash $$ from Deaths. Horrible situation up there….

But guess what…. NY and NJ have reached herd immunity. So have several of these others:

These states above are DONE. They should fully open everything including Wall St., bars, theaters, playgrounds, and have the kids go to school, etc. They’re done. The virus started first there and spread like wildfire before the lockdowns happened. It was too late. The lockdowns didn’t do squat. Nothing. They just hurt the economy like the Doc was saying.

These above are what herd immunity looks like. Case numbers don’t mean squat in NY and NJ. Why? Testing. You can guarantee these states really had their max cases before these deaths began to decline. We weren’t testing much then though. Now we are. Oh and cases have gone to almost zero in NY and NJ too…

Once again:
The United States isn’t at herd immunity yet because so many other states haven’t had the virus BURN ITSELF OUT completely yet but it’s close.

-DEATHS don’t lie as much unless you’re counting car accident deaths….
-Cases definitely lie. Testing increases and “probable” case nonsense gets involved.

You can tell when herd immunity is half way when the death curve begins dropping.

Here’s some states that have a ways to go. Policies are just delaying the inevitable. We need to be as open as possible but take necessary preventions though. This thing is gonna burn itself out WAY before any vaccine.

Florida and Texas should really be commended for how well they’ve handled this entire crisis.
-Florida made sure to protect its elderly. Locked down nursing homes TIGHT from the very beginning.
-Some Texas nursing homes have used Hydroxychloroquine to save all of their patients. People are social distancing/masking very well and taking it seriously like I’ve never seen before lately.

But? They still have a ways to go… death curves haven’t dropped yet. Hopefully Texas doesn’t go too far and it could take a long time as big as Texas is because their deaths/1M is so low. Still at 125 cases/1M. Maybe high vitamin D is helping? That does contribute too.

California? Probably has a long ways to go. If they keep shutdown long enough we’ll have our first completely bankrupt state with the lowest unemployment in America and the only state the vaccine may help…. Good job Cali!

Eventually this second little peak for the United States will form as the rest of the remote states go through their death curve maximum and decline. Then coronavirus will be DONE in America.

Nobel-Laureate Stanford Dr. Michael Levitt is FURIOUS at the scientific community!! Why? For the travesty they just put the world through, bankrupting it to smithereens, for something that he saw in the initial weeks was going to not last very long and wouldn’t be much more deadly than a really bad flu year. He was screaming from rooftops to every institution he could. The only country that listened? Sweden…. no lockdown. Didn’t kill economy. When the others finally replied? They told him to SHUT UP!: