This is the Most Important Piece regarding the HOAX that is Covid-19

Yes Hoax is the word I am meaning .

I mean it in the sense that …yes there is an awful disease that is hospitalizing and killing people…but there is no indication, no proof , that it is caused by a novel caronovirus and worse still , the tests used to detect this so far fictitious virus are scientifically meaningless.

The disease is real but the all too certainty it is caused by a novel virus is the Hoax / Fraud / Error

How likely is it the positive results from the same test , which tests for small fragments of RNA assumed to be from a virus , results in a HUGE % of “Infected” people with No Symptons or a just a minor “cold”…. while Others get very sick and often die….from the same pathogen ‘ really ?


A…There are people who have this rna sequence which they are looking for (called positive) and there are people who dont have it (called negative)

But nonetheless those who have it are not affected by it in any way. Most of those who have it (80 %) are asymptomatic or have mild cold symptoms…It’s just random insignificant RNA that was immediately determined to be from a novel virus with no scientific evidence (turns out there is no proof whatsoever it is from a pathogenic virus).

These people have no disease at all but they are called “Confirmed Positive Cases” and we hear about their cumulative numbers all day every day . It’s like counting widgets for no valid reason.

B…Then there are the other 20 % or so who have severe symptoms and some of these die . Not because they have this random RNA sequence but because they have a lung / blood disease which so far has no known cause and no one is looking for the cause because everybody was convinced almost from day 1 that this was a novel corona virus.

Something else is causing the severe cases..NO proof at all it is viral…no virus has ever been purified …ie never been seen microscopically in an infected individual or in vitro .


Whatever it is that is killing people..(Tubercuosis is postulated by Bill Sardi and Jon Rappaport).. Has not yet been identified because everybody is fixated on a fictitious virus and nobody is looking .

PS…The TB Vaccine has been proven to offer protection against this disease in countries where the vaccine is still prevalent the death rates are MUCH Lower. ( google it if you are interested)

So I am Reposting this article after rediscovering it after a question from Kemmrich.

He took issue with the statements I am making that No one has actually identified ( purified) the “virus” they call SARS COV2 no less actually co related it with the disease that is killing some people but miraculously Not even causing symptoms in MOST people.

It is long but fascinating / spellbinding and eye opening. It requires some concentration so make time for it please.

I would be pleased to hear comments from both sides on whether they understand or agree with the implications of this expose of the FRAUD that is Covid-19 and especially the FRAUD that is this PCR test which is used to
allegedly detect this completely unproven virus.

Yes this is spectacularly unbelievable. That the whole Premise is demonstrated to be unproven and extremely unlikely. That the whole world has been turned upside down by the biggest Mistake / Fraud / Hoax (take your pick ) in Human History !

one Gigantic example of… GIGO

IF you do not take the time to read and digest this then as Jack Nicholson once said .

“You want the Truth ? You can’t handle the truth !”

PS: How come nobody from MSM or FOX even is aware of this story ?

Is there any bigger story out there ?

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