I agree that the Article that Steins posted regarding the doctors experiences at his Hospital in California is scary and sobering. Depressed the hell out of me.

However This Article Shows great reason to be optimistic going forward.

Once again it is an excellent summary of Heard Immunity from a new perspective borne from new data..as the virus has been studied for over 6 months now.

California and Texas and Florida ( and South American Countries) are in the same place Wuhan China was and then Italy and UK and Spain were …followed by New York City and NE States .

These Places have had more serious outbreaks than 95% of the rest of the world…for whatever various reasons.

MOST of us do not live in that reality .

But the curve for all of them has been roughly the same…lockdowns and masks notwithstanding.

Outbreaks follow “Farr’s Law” ( as the article explains)

This article is full of science from high level world class doctors and researchers…not fly by nights by any token ..Including a Nobel Laureate.

If you want a huge dose of optimism read this article. ( Link now Corrected)



If you want to remain terrified and want to continue to be afraid to live your life…go back and read Dr. Loftus Experience. I know when I read it I was depressed !

For every positive story / research there are a thousand negative ones.

My goal/ role here at Goldtent is to search out and find the rarely presented positive stories and research .

Every time I do so I am amazed at the quality of the research and how much of it is hard to find and or censored.

I find it very interesting and rewarding and it makes me feel good !

If you want the negative only…may I recommend the Washington Post . NY Times . CNN , MSNBC , CBC , and hundreds of other easy to locate “news” sources. 99.9% of all news on Covid is BAD !

Goldtent TA Paradise is the place to find the .1% . See the sidebar …because life is short and YOU deserve to be happy


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