Tragically, the World Health Organization (WHO) ignored extensive evidence in recommending against the use of corticosteroids in COVID-19 ARDS and cytokine storm. Neither the WHO nor other guideline-writing bodies have assessed the formidable and growing evidence for intravenous ascorbic acid. despite its association in a major recent study, with significantly improved mortality in ARDS.  Numerous previous studies have also shown its safety and effectiveness, particularly when used with corticosteroids in critical care medicine.

Physicians at the bedside of critically ill COVID-19 patients are told to provide only “supportive care” and to enroll their patients in one or more of hundreds of randomly controlled trials (RCTs), often testing one or more of a growing list of expensive and proprietary formulations, where half of the patients receive a placebo.

RCTs are exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to design to assess interventions that need to be given within a very short number of hours after the deterioration of the patient, as is the case with COVID-19, and they are fraught with methodological and ethical barriers. Worse yet, the results of RCTs in COVID-19 will take weeks or months to provide feedback to gain improvement of treatment protocols.  During that time, lives will be lost that could be saved with the MATH+ protocol. Meanwhile, well-designed, large observational studies could be done and provide timely information to improve the treatment protocol.

MATH+ uses well studied, life saving components used synergistically that hospital-based and critical care doctors have been using for decades.  It should be the foundation upon which other interventions are added and not excluded from the armamentarium of physicians at the bedside. COVID-19 is a steroid and ascorbic acid responsive disease.

MATH+ has our 100% endorsement, because our only obligation is to save the lives of our patients. That’s what we will continue to do using MATH+ —the most powerful and effective treatment available for critically ill patients with COVID-19.  We are working hard to share our knowledge with hospitals, physicians and nurses around the world, in order to save countless thousands of lives that could otherwise be lost in this pandemic.