A Positive tests may mean you have a “cold”

There are many coronaviruses. Some cause influenza, some common colds, and more recently respiratory disease. The PCR tests can detect the presence of coronaviruses in RNA, but cannot differentiate between specific coronavirus sequences, therefore a positive result from PCR testing determines that the person has a coronavirus present, but not which coronavirus.

SNIP 1 :

The RNA sequence unique to SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19 cannot be specifically identified using any PCR test, but since the presence of a coronavirus in general can be detected by PCR, this is sufficing as a positive test result for COVID-19. This means that for purposes of this current pandemic, anyone with a positive coronavirus detection is automatically determined to have the COVID-19 disease, even though there is nothing scientifically conclusive to support that diagnosis.

SNIP 2 :

In Italy, the average age of patients reported as having died from COVID-19 was 80 years old, 99 percent of whom had severe underlying conditions. Designating their deaths as caused by COVID-19 was misleading, and the Italian medical community is admitting as much after reviewing all the cases and revising them accordingly.