Another Non Partisan Rational Video.

Excellent …but he goes off on tangets.

So if you don’t like tangents for 30 minutes …just read THIS ( New Study)

MASKS DON’T WORK…it’s the Humidity Stupid

“There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles”

“To put it simply, the “second wave” of an epidemic is not a consequence of human sin regarding mask wearing and hand shaking. Rather, the “second wave” is an inescapable consequence of an air-dryness-driven many-fold increase in disease contagiousness, in a population that has not yet attained immunity.”

One more good website …that has been censored