Last week I posted my thoughts on GSV. I love the chart, in particular the tightness of the last month where it has traded between the 50 and 200 day mvgs. Yesterday,  I discussed my frustration regarding the no information filing of the technical report. I have no additional fundamental information but continue to believe that an upside breakout is imminent. The Lewis property is adjacent to Newmont’s Phoenix property. GSV has made the case that it would be beneficial to Newmont to expand Phoenix into GSV territory.(I don’t know if NEM feels that is true or if GSV is putting a positive spin on the situation) NEM owns over 12% of GSV. The tightness in GSV’s trading range is often a pattern that takes place before a deal. I have no knowledge of any deal talks but believe it is quite possible that either: NEM buys GSV, negotiates a joint venture, or least case arranges to expand Phoenix into GSV territory for some lesser level of compensation. This is pure speculation on my part, but I’m betting on some arrangement beneficial to both companies.