The Pattern Continues

Cases UP Deaths Down

What are we counting anyhow ?

Some speculation for the Drop in death numbers even as the case numbers are soaring

1…The Older People in Care Homes are now being tended to and protected better and the most vulnerable are gone.

2…Treatment is improving …More vitamins less Ventilators

3…Case numbers are up because of more testing…there were always a lot more cases than discovered and now the mild cases are being recorded.

4….People are outside more as lockdowns end and good weather begins…more vitamin D

5…Maybe some places have stopped counting the many dubious deaths as covid.

6…The Virus is weakening.

Only 1% of all active cases are considered serious and almost all of these are in older people with medical issues.


In the worst days of the pandemic many countries had a case Fatality Rate of 10 to 15%

Now in the USA for example it has dropped today to 1.5%…

The infection mortality rate was said by the WHO recently to be .28%

Likely it is half of that now and dropping…which is on the same level as flu.

So the question is…Can we not live with this level.

Can we not accept this level ?

Do our best to protect the vulnerable . Teach everyone about the immune system and

Get on with life for those who can accept this level and lock yourself up if you cannot.

If say 10% are not willing to go outside then so be it….That will open up more jobs for those who are willing.

Many will get infected and a few will die….herd immunity sounds like the inevitability now .

And apparently it will not be antibodies that protect us but Killer T cells and their co workers , ‘Memory Cells”

OR do we just get ready to go back into forced lockdown mode soon because 1 death is too many… and send the economy truly back to the stone age until a “safe vaccine” is found in a year or a decade ?