WTF is going on ?

In the interest of balance I MUST say… I am surprised at the World Covid numbers escalating rapidly in mid June

So much for the seasonal theory and sunshine theory as well….this thing is taking off !!

Especially in Brazil !!!…completely out of control…Their Freaky leader Bolsinaro has to be screwed

Also in the Southern US States…some serious numbers in Texas Arizona California and Florida where some Ball players for the Phillies tested positive today at their camp in Florida. Looks like that will end the idea of any sports any time soon. Hope not but doesn’t look good from that standpoint either.

Which brings me to another political point

Is Trump Screwed too ?

The Hard Left seems to be in control now…with the Covid narrative going their way and the BLM stranglehold they have managed.
No one dare oppose this Idea BLM…under penalty of losing their job or death !
They have even neutered the police
Lets see what you all think…not just Americans but all of you from the far corners of the world who are in this Gold Community.

New Poll ….vote vote vote.

stand by.

BUT on the flip side Covid seems to be losing its power to kill

The USA Numbers of deaths is decreasing while the case number is escalating

AND now….there are signs that only a small % of people who are confirmed to have covid are testing positive with serology tests for the antibody !

So rather than the 5% of the population said to have had the virus there may be multiples more…which means the all important “death rate ” will be even lower.

You may think that no antibodies = no immunity but a new theory says maybe the antibodies are less important than the T cells. I don’t know enough about the immunes systems inner working to comment…BUT something strange is going on with this thing….which appear to be showing it is more widespread and less lethal than imagined.

Also notice there are still many places untouched by the virus.

The Caribbean Islands …very low cases and deaths

African Countries…..ditto

and Syria !!

Many East Asian countries…ditto

Why ?


PS :

More Proof : The Virus is Weakening

According to Worldometer

There are now 3,668,793 Active cases in the World

There are 54,791 serious cases

That’s 98.5% of the cases are Not considered “serious”

Sounds like the Flu to me.

IF the WHO et all acknowledge this..what will be the effect of ongoing escalation of case numbers.

More lockdowns ?

Or perhaps let er rip…get the herd immunity already ?

It is looking more and more like Lockdown or no lockdown you cant stop this virus …but the good news may be that most do not ever know they even had it.


PPS….Why are the US case numbers soaring ?

1…More tests
2…Ending the lockdowns too soon ?
3…The Demonstrations / riots

Notice while the USA #s rise Canada in now logging less than 350 cases a day and fewer and fewer deaths.

We are also opened up and have large demonstrations and are testing a LOT more.

Curioser and Curioser !



“THEY” wanted more cases so they can test their vaccines…and by George they got ’em .