Hydroxchloroquine has been used in many clinics and hospitals thru out the world sucessfully by many physicians to control covid in the early stages…of course it has been banned by the FDA / CDC gang .

But now there is a breakthrough for severe cases

Unless they ban this one too.

it’s cheap and readily available..and IT WORKS ! I now know for sure !


Most of you know my story

I was very sick starting in Early November and lasting for 3 months. ( I now believe got this thing from a patient who lives in base Borden a military base …after the Wuhan Military games in late October. I contend it was initially spread here from returning military athletes.)

I thought I had Pneumonia at first but the hospital was too busy so i went home and took an Antibiotic

and it helped…but symptoms cam back worse.

So this time I though I had a recurring condition..Polymyalgia Rheumatica …the muscle and joint pains were severe.

Again I self medicated …this time with the corticosteroid Prednisone ( a close relative with Dexamethasone)

It worked immediately to stop almost all symptoms …which were most of the symptoms we now know as Covid-19.

Only the extreme fatigue lingered .

I went to my doc and told him I took Prednisone for a flare up of Polymyalgia.

He was upset I self medicated and asked me to go off it so I could then have a blood test to confirm .

I did so and all the symptoms returned in spades…the blood test was negative for polymyalgia

I went right back on the prednisone and stayed on it for months before weaning off.

This blows me away

What IF I “accidentally” saved my life ?


The real bottom line here is there is Now a Cure…an inexpensive readily available NOW Cure !

Lets see if the medical PTB accepts this …more likely they will push back.

Lets see