I am fortunate to have some email buddies ( readers of Goldtent) who are very introspective.

Here is one who I always appreciate…We’ll call him Chris in Ontario….who has a great story and some interesting insight into the generational responses to this …as he calls it..beer Flu
Take it Chris
“I have been following along on your blog and really enjoy reading all
the links you have posted regarding the beer flu and and govt’s response
to this “pandemic”.

Yesterday was the first day hair salons and barbershops were allowed to
operate, so finally, after 3 months, I got an appointment to see my
barber. I got the second last appointment of the day, so “Pat” had been
busy all day with operating under the .gov rules. Pat has been cutting
my hair for over 40 years, so we know each other fairly well.

I was surprised to see him working without a mask or gloves, and he did
not ask me to wear one either, although he had them and sanitizer
available. Rather than a cloth cover to keep hair off my clothes, he has
to use a single-use plastic cover then throw it in the garbage (cannot
go in recycle, because-…plague). The plastic doesn’t work very well, and
I am sure that it cannot transfer any germs from the customer to the
barber, then from the barber to the next customer….

right??? lol

Anyway, when he was done cutting my hair, he motioned for me to follow
him into the back room of the barber shop. The he pointed out his PPE
that he was supposed to wear, and had indeed started the day with. But
he explained that with the lab coat, gloves, and mask, that after the
1st hour of work he was sweating and having trouble breathing. So he
tossed them. Pat is almost 80 years old, and even though he is at the
higher risk age for dealing with the beer plague, he chose take his
chances and continue on with his life as he always has, rather than
suffocate behind a mask that will likely make him ill in short order.

I was really happy to see my barber again, and I could tell he was
really happy to be back at work and seeing and talking to all his old
customers. This is what life is all about, and what our “masters” are
trying desperately to abolish. I must say it was very refreshing to see
a business owner not cower to some decree from on high and actually
engage in some common sense. I think he is, however, a minority.

Few people in this area of Ontario are wearing masks, but the ones who are
are either quite young (20s – 30s) or very old. People younger than 20
don’t seem to care, while people 40-70 seem to be quite aware that there
is no “pandemic”, and this is nothing but a control experiment by tptb.
Even the 20/30 somethings are largely aware what is going on, but there
is perhaps a 5% minority that have really embraced the .gov narrative.
Unfortunately, that 5% is quite vocal and seemingly influential. They
are the ones that feel they must dictate to the vast majority how to act
and what freedoms they must abandon. They are the ones that call the
authorities and make life difficult for those that want to “live” their
lives, rather than be a prisoner or robot. They are the willing ignorant
foot-soldiers for tptb, and in their vain attempts to save humanity,
will ultimately enable it’s destruction.



Those poor Millennials… of course they are a product of our own design and really are blameless. And when I say “our design”, I mean our generation(s) that have created the curriculums they have been immersed in, and the rules they have followed, and the incredibly entitled/privileged lives they have lived for the most part. It has been a group effort to create such a generation, and it will be a group effort by them to end ours lol. We would be no different if we had the same upbringing. We (our society) chose to shelter them from our difficult but rewarding experiences of growing from children to adulthood, and have in turn created a generation of wimps, ideologues, and conformists.