So a lot of folks here are of the belief that the media presents a biased view of things based on biased reporting. Here’s a little experiment for you…….

My first question would be, what do you believe in general about salmon farming?

Do you believe it is an industry that produces “Frankenfish” full of antibiotics, growth hormones, pollutes the oceans, overcrowd the fish and create death zones beneath the farms?

If you do, you believe most if not everything the media has reported?

This includes Environmental group reporting/MEDIA.

Do you not believe the main stream media but believe environmental groups reporting?

So many folks here are claiming that the media is biased, but wonder how often we pick and choose what we want to believe?

I’ll get back to you….. 🙂

Just a hint…. Salmon farming in Washington State is a part of one of the states biggest government cover ups…….