This talk has been one of the most enlightening talks that shows how the elite really operate to hide their wealth by establishing charitable foundations to avoid paying taxes.  The interview below is the first exclusive interview with 2 forensic accountants who are going after the Clinton Foundation, and persons who have donated to it and are therefore guilty of tax fraud.  The whole foundation is a fraud, and the 2 whistleblowers have gone to the IRS to show that the Clinton Foundation is in default of back taxes, as is Bill Gates.  This is a long interview, but it shows the links as to why people were donating to the Clinton Foundation, how Bill Gates is involved, his plan for laundering money received to fund research into getting a vaccine, the many ties between countries and individuals involved, and how the US has been cheated out of 1.9 trillion.  The first 15 min or so is super slow until the guests start talking, but after that, this sure makes sense on what the super rich are trying to do to decrease the population and control the world.  Here is the link: