How Stoopid is this mask thing ?

Consider this !

“Side Effects ” of wearing masks

1. Shortness of Breath and Lightheadedness
“Activities that result in the expulsion of air, such as talking, yelling, singing and exercising can result in the accumulation of carbon dioxide between the face and the mask,” says Dr. Lili Barsky. “These symptoms are seen due to increases in CO2 levels in your body,” says Dr. Rashmi Byakodi. “Breathing over exhaled air that turns into carbon dioxide might make you feel dizzy.”

Fully’s Comment : The whole narrative of reducing Co2 emissions in the environment is about lung health …right ?\

So here we have a practice that may become mandatory which exponentially increases CO2 inhalation but its OK because you are rebreathing your own CO2 ? Right ?

F^&*king morons !

2. Headaches
“Long term wearing of masks can result in prolonged and repeated episodes of headaches,” says Dr. Byakodi. “Headaches may occur due to the band fitting around the head all day, stress from breathing through the mask, or slight changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood,” says Dr. Leann Poston.

3. Acne
“Re-wearing unwashed reusable masks or re-wearing disposable masks can lead to inhalation of dust, pollen, bacteria and other particle contaminants trapped within the mask material,” says Dr. Barsky. This can clog your pores and cause breakouts, primarily around your chin.

4. Development of Chronic Dermatitis
“In the case of surgical masks, the nonwoven fabric is made by using chemicals to bond the fibers together. Some people who have sensitive skin can break out and develop some form of dermatitis as a result of the repeated exposure,” says Dr. Sanul Corrielus. “This can have long term consequences in terms of recurrence and scarring of the skin around the face.”

5. A Weakened Immune System
“There are studies indicating that low oxygen levels in the tissues (hypoxia) can suppress some aspects of the immune response,” says Dr. Esteban Kosak. “Scientific investigations have proven that a prolonged denial of enough oxygen in the body can cripple the ability of our immune system to tackle infections which is even worse with older and younger people.”

Fully’s Comment : great just whatYOU need ..a weak immune system .

F$&(ing Morons

6. Skin Wrinkles
According to Viseslav Tonkovic-Capin, MD, Dermatologist and Editor at DermBoard, another effect of long term face mask use is: “new patterns of skin wrinkling.” It’s best to stock up on some lotions and facial moisturizers.

Fully’s Comment..Great..keep wearing that mask but stock up on moisturizers…F%^&ing Morons.

7. Development of Chronic Respiratory Conditions
“In the case of the surgical masks which are made of nonwoven fabric, the exposure for some people can trigger an asthma-like inflammatory response in the lungs,” says Dr. Corrielus. “This is likely due to the inhalation of the microfibers in the material that forms the masks.”

21. Don’t Touch the Mask With Dirty Hands
“If you contaminate your mask even from the outside, you can get easily infected,” says physician Dimitar Marinov, MD, Ph.D.
“Taking off your face mask and then reapplying it with contaminated hands can move the bacteria or virus directly into the breathable area,” says Jared Heathman, MD, a Texas-based psychiatrist.
The Rx: Make sure your hands are clean before adjusting the mask. It’s best to avoid touching your face in general.


Meanwhile :

Here is a list from the CDC of a few ( 125 !) things you should never do if you want to remain “SAFE”

Make sure you read ALL of them and commit them to memory…or else !


Fully’s comment:

I don’t know about you but the next person who tells me to stay safe …is goung to get a kick in the groin !