My name is Fullgoldcrown and I wholeheartedly Agree with this .

“Richard Schabas, who was chief medical officer of health for Ontario between 1987 and 1997, said it is unfortunate the question of reopening the American economy in the wake of COVID-19 has become so politicized.

“It really has clouded the debate in the U.S., and I think it has impacted some of our thinking in Canada,” said Schabas, who was chief of staff at York Central Hospital during the 2003 SARS outbreak. He retired as medical officer of health for Hastings Prince Edward in 2016.

Politicians need to establish some “non-negotiables,” he said in an interview.

“They need to say things like: kids have to go to school; people have to go to work; there has to be elective medical care. Once we set those foundation stones that are necessary to protect our public health, then we can discuss what we can do to control COVID above and beyond that,” he said.

“Until now … it’s all been: What do we need to do to control COVID, and the rest can go to hell,” Schabas said. “And that’s a serious mistake from a public health perspective.

“If, in our attempts to abolish deaths from COVID, we end up causing far more deaths from other things — deaths that will haunt us, or damage to our health that will haunt us for decades to come — it’s not a good trade.”

Canadians are “spooked” by COVID-19 deaths because they are broadcast daily in the absence of any context, Schabas said.

Almost 300,000 Canadians will die every year from cancer, heart disease, stroke, motor vehicle crashes, suicide and a myriad of other causes, he noted. Since mid-March, for every Canadian outside long-term care who has died of the novel coronavirus, 50 have died of something else, he added.

The great majority of people in Canada are at very little personal risk of death from COVID-19, Schabas said. For most people under age 60 and for older people without serious health conditions, the risk of death from the coronavirus is about the same as dying from influenza, he added.

“We are two populations: the frail elderly for whom COVID is a deadly disease and the great majority for whom it is not,” he said.

In an appearance before the House of Commons Health Committee on May 20, Schabas said the country is facing both a tragedy and a crisis.

The tragedy is COVID-19, a respiratory virus that has the potential to cause the deaths of tens of thousands of Canadians who are overwhelmingly old and infirm, he said.

The crisis is our attempts to control that virus that have the potential to cause “severe and lasting damage” to the country’s economy, education, social and cultural institutions and mental health that will have public health repercussions for decades, Schabas said.

“The tragedy is a natural disaster that saddens me and saddens us all,” he said. “The crisis is a self-inflicted wound that frankly terrifies me.

“It offends social justice because the burden of the crisis falls disproportionately on children, young families and blue-collar workers,” he said. “The more we focus exclusively on COVID, the greater the danger to our public health.”

Fully’s Comment

“Public health officials” are so full of themselves and their “power” that they cannot see clearly

Here in Ontario cases are dwindling deaths are dwindling and yet We cannot even open our outdoor patios at restaurants.

Cases will NEVER go to zero.

If you look hard enough for any damn virus which can kill immunocompromised old people you will always find them .

Public Health is menace. The province is begging people with no symptoms to get testes so they can reach some mandated number which is supposed to have some meaning.

Today 20,000 tests ….literally forcing these tests down our throats…and 350 positive cases were found.

Considering the propensity for false positives this is a rounding error.

We have this Pathetic lady who comes on every day and says …’well you know we still must be very careful…we want all Ontarians to be “safe” ….bla bla bla…it makes me puke to hear her patronizing voice….like a Somthering mother who won’t let her child play outside

WHO the F%^&K do these people think they are.

And why to the idiot politicians give them so much air time

Stuff it Public Health…and read this ….University Scientists understand more than these idiot Pubic Health A holes


“Shutting down your economy is like cutting off both your feet — or maybe a better analogy would be your head — to try to save the rest of your body,” he said. “It was never meant to be a long-term strategy.””