Read this with an open mind..and they Choose who you believe .

A Whistleblower risked and Lost his job to present this information.

It is NOT the work of one lone maverick but the work of many respected university Scientists in Germany and was

going to be swept under the rug.

So believe the Scientists who did this study OR believe the Government beaurocrats who stand to lose credibility .

Thank you Marek in Liechtenstein for finding this link.

to summarize again the conclusions of this panel of Scientists

1..The dangerousness of Covid-19 was overestimated: probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
2… Most the people who die from Corona are essentially those who would statistically die this year, because they have 3…reached the end of their lives and their weakened bodies can no longer cope with any random everyday stress (including the approximately 150 viruses currently in circulation).
3…Worldwide, within a quarter of a year, there has been no more than 250,000 deaths from Covid-19, compared to 1.5 million deaths [25,100 in Germany] during the influenza wave 2017/18.
4…The danger is obviously no greater than that of many other viruses. There is no evidence that this was more than a false alarm.