One more thing Marek from Lichtenstein and I were discussing . Something we do not understand.

Why would Forced vaccination be required ?

Where is the logic in that ?

Even with school kids


I am a parent and I want my kids to be safe from contracting diseases from other kids and also be certain they will not bring these diseases home to infect grandma .

I believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccines because my doctor and the CDC say so.

So I have my kids “Immunized” ….voila…that’s IT they are now safe and immune to the diseases injected into their bodies and cannot transmit it either …or at least I believe so…right ?

So how is it a problem for me if there are other kids in school who’s parents did not force them to be “immunized”

That’s a problem for their parents. One that they are fully aware of and decided to deal with.

Maybe they will give these kids Spocks Immune Boosters and encourage them to play outside and be happy.

Everybody is fine in this scenario….right ?


If I don’t get the Covid vaccine and you do…neither of us has to be afraid of the other. End of discussion. End of vaccine nation .

Right ?


Don’t bother me with “logic” Fully………. STFU already

Just take the damn vaccine and wear your damn cloth mask so I can be “safe”