I did have a nice little blog at :


with forecasts that turned out to be pretty accurate form China, S Korea, Italy, etc, etc, etc but I got bored with it, not enough interest, so I got it about right so quit while you’re ahead. When second epidemics come, forecasting will be more difficult for even a rigorously scientifically trained guy armed on only with Excel and a few trendlines.

I wrote to my local UK politician who seemed perhaps to agree with me, not being so much on the neo-liberal gravy train.

Anyway, everything SARS-CoV2 related is pure noise and politicised BS, even a lot of the research papers – but there are a few good things from the horse’s mouth from decent science people. The old coronavirus research pre-2019 and the gain of function stuff is more interesting, tracing back the “playing God” genetics stuff and shining a light on what these people have been up to for the past 20 years nudging into the category of biological weapons creation as standard laboratory  practice.

WHAT WOULD BE MORE INTERESTING for me as a viewer/lurker on goldtaside who took a break lately would be to return to the Point of Recognition and discussing how/when/if a PORE will appear in the stock markets and the other mainstream markets and what they woill look like. Also, if there has been an upside POR yet in the gold market.

I returned to a very old chart of mine which thanks to stockcharts.com I cannot re-draw and I wonder if there an upside POR waiting in gold somewhere in the $1750-1800 region.