“Scientific propaganda about vaccines has reached dizzying heights, as officials point the uninformed public toward the Day of Liberation, when a COVID shot, otherwise known as God, will rescue Earth.”

Below is a Blog by Jon Rappaport.

When one ventures into the realm of research of the Vaccine story one will find a few names keep coming up.
This is one of them. Of course he is constantly being discredited and marginalized by the Powers that Be who give anyone who researches vaccines the moniker Anti Vaxxer and or Conspiracy Theorist.

This first post is a very interesting piece IMHO. Then there are more posts if you are interested Can you read it with an open mind ?

It comes to me in my inbox from another “Seasoned” member at Rambus Chartology…Marek

A little self Bio from Marek is below



Hi Gary,

This is your ‘research soldier’ reporting with a new dossier of essential facts about vaccines.

Please find below an email from Jon Rappoport re: history of vaccines.
I trust that his data is genuine.
I came across his name listening to an interview recorded by Solari report’s lady ( Catherine Austin Fits), where Rambus contributes his quarterly posting.
This email was triggered by your posting on behalf of Wolfgang and in particular his statement that he would not take any vaccines.
My current thinking is the same – no vaccines.

However posting the historical facts might be of great help to others (especially with children) that are seriously thinking through this issue.

And as Wolfgang did I will say a few words about myself.
I am of Polish origin. Left Poland in 1981, lived in the UK for almost thirty years.
Worked in about half a dozen of European countries (including EU institutions in Belgium and Holland) .
I now live in Luxembourg. I am a software engineer and gold investor, with subscription to Rambus and Jordan of TDG.
So in short I have experienced the communist rule and the EU rule and to my shock an horror the EU is a refined crypto dictatorial system.

So I was very pleased to read Spock’s comments regarding cabal way if disseminating information – I have seen it all before.

This is it for now
Have a very good weekend

Marek (marski)