Hello guys, Metals and Crypto Friends !!

I am not following closely the Goldtadise forum every day these days (am working a lot more due to the home working virus inefficiencies), but from what I have read, people are waking up not only to conspiracy theory, but to conspiracy facts and should soon enter into conspiracy reality.

Thanks to participants that see through the smoke screen (like Spock, Fully, Northstar and others – sorry if I miss some fake news fact checkers).

If you would like to leave speculation and listen to a guy that sees trough it all and that calls it for what it is; with true knowledge of markets, trading and geopolitics, please seek no longer and go to university: go to The Market Sniper (and The Reset Sniper), the true Poet of the Financial Repression and Distruction and Enslavement of the Middle Class: the great Francis Hunt:

Please be patient; he is sometimes redundant and loves to make fun – you will not loose your time. In this video I am posting he starts to speak about money proliferation, a subject that you know well, but starting from the half of the video (minute 10:00) He gives you some keys about where all this is going – after that you will have no illusions anymore. Take the red pill, you will feel relieved.

Twitter: @themarketsniper @TheCryptoSniper @TheResetSniper Internetsite: themarketsniper.com

Here is a link to his last video (I am not paid to advertize him – he is juts giving one of the best shows in the Room):