I just got an email from a reader who thinks I am a murderer for allowing ideas that may cause even one person
to “let their guard down” and go out into the world and catch covid and die !

My response to him and any others out there who feel the same :

Thanks for your feedback xxxx.

All I can say is this is a debate. There are 2 sides to every story.
I do not see anybody being swayed from their hard held opinions by this discussion.
The righties are still on the right and the lefties are still on the left and never the twain shall meet.
I am the only exception.
I was a believer in the party line but now I question it.
Am I not entitled to question it ?

My main issue is censorship.
It is one thing to disagree and discuss in a civil manner.
It is quite something else to use ones influence and power ( money) to silence the opposition.
This is akin to book burning. Does this not bother you in the least ?
Is there not still some amendment to the constitution with guarantees freedom of speech , freedom to question the official doctrine ?
Or did I miss the repealing of that basic right ?

Anyhow all the best to you and family.
I am of the opinion that locking down the economy at this point does far more damage and kills exponentially more people that “staying safe”
This is not an unreasonable position . It has NOT been scientifically debunked . There is no way to quantify the extent of this but no honest person can refute it.
In My world ..Stopping economic activity is Murder ! Anyone who listens to YOU and remains fearful to go outside and therefore loses his job and his home and EVERYTHING …well that’s on YOU. How dare you imply that having an open debate may kill someone and that would be on me .
Meanwhile may I describe your position as being For censorship of ideas opposed to yours ?
If so then so be it and our discussion is done.

NOW here is an article that I believe must be read by all but especially XXXX !


It is from the Washinton post ( a well know Liberal Publication ) Not from FOX News
It requires a subscription…so I will post it…copy and paste in the comments section