This is Food for Thought:

You all know by now after initially thinking this was just a flu like illness that I am in the camp we needed a lock down initially so as to flatten the curve and keep the medical response from becoming overwhelmed.

Except for a few terrifying weeks in a few select spots this was successful…Congratulations…good job everybody. The curve has been soundly flattened.

Now..when the dust is starting to settle .. lets see where the death story is in the big scheme.

4.5 months into this thing we have had… according to “official” stats.. 284,000 people die from the virus.

Best thing to say about that is to paraphrase Stalin ….”every death is a tragedy but hundreds if thousands of deaths is a statistic.”

Now according to Worldometer …This year worldwide there have been 21,086,000 deaths and counting.

This is a BIG world and THAT is a BIG Statistic that needs to be considered for perspective .

This means that just over 1% of all deaths this year were from Covid ! I don’t know about you all but this blows me away .

Today there were 3,500 covid deaths in the world…The numb(er) has been dropping of late but consider that if this number remains the same going forward…it will take 62 days to reach 500,000 deaths.

2 months …but in reality it could take 3 months as deaths continue to decrease thru the summer .

So we can reasonably expect to see a 500,000 total death count by mid August .

BUT the rate of overall deaths is NOT decreasing..of course…If you have a morbid side you can sit and watch the death ticker which shows 1 person dies about every half a second 24/7 365 . Yikes

Extrapolating the death numbers to mid August there will have been about 35,000,000 deaths….500,000 of them covid. 1.3%

As we all know the dreaded disease Cancer accounts for far more than 1.3%. Ditto Cardiovascular disease.

Of course these calculations seem callous if you have a loved one who has died from this virus.

It becomes personal even if you know of someone or many who have died from the virus….Not ever one has had this experience but just about everyone knows someone AND OFTEN MANY SOME ONES who have died of something this year.

So what is the point of this exercise in Morbidity ? Good question.

I am beginning to think I have a problem addiction to death statistics…BUT IT’S NOT MY FAULT.

Every channel is the death channel these days.

So the point is…We need to get back to life …because the clock is always ticking .

We need to get out heads off of the death channel ( no one more than I) and get back to the life channels.

Life is a risk

As a matter of fact , Dr. Grimer Eaper of the CDS ( Center for Death Statistics) just released a new peer reviewed double blind study which has been going on for a decade .

The results are in.

It shows that 100% of the people alive today are going to die.

One more statistic then i’m done.

All the while we have been watching the death channel…the world population so far this year has INCREASED

by over 29,000,000 people ( most of them babies ) 🙂

Go Gold !