There has never in the history of Humanity been such Hyper Focus everywhere in the world on One and Only One Disease ..nor indeed any One Topic ! Not even Close ! The Virus has gone Viral.

I admit it.
I have become a virus statistical Junky.
Reading Mostly Statistical Articles all the time.
Trying to remain objective and detached.
Trying to ignore the whack jobs with an agenda on both sides.
Somewhere in here there are real facts and statistics that put this all into proper perspective.

In no way am I wanting to diminish the real human tragedy with respect to Covid
200,000 have died so far This Year from Covid…each one was a tragedy and a painful loss for many

“Every death is a Tragedy but a Million Deaths is a Statistic” …Joseph Stalin

The problem we have when trying to detach and get some perspective is the enormity of the numbers of humans on this planet.

Here are some numbers we need to see to have perspective: Rounded Numbers :

….. There are 7.8 Billion of us on the planet…..( 3 million have been diagnosed with Covid and 7.797 Billion have NOT.)

…..This Total Population number is growing by 200,000 every Day ! …..(350 k Births minus 150 k deaths)

So in a sense every person who has died from Covid since it began was “replaced” just Today !

…So far this year 18.5 Million people have died in the world .

….Covid was responsible for 200 Thousand of these… which works out to just over 1%

….So 18.3 million people who died this year did not die from Covid . 99% died from something else.

Most normal people would say Fully..I get it and these stats are amazing and that’s enough !


But there is more : ( so read no further if you have had enough death stats)

$12 Billion is spent on Public health care every day !

In Spite of this we have the following Causes of Death SO FAR THIS YEAR.

…Hunger……3.5 Million
…Bad Water…260 Thousand ( more than covid)
…Communicable Diseases …4 Million ( includes Covid) 3.8 million died so far this year from other communicable diseases.
… Children under 5…2.4 Million ( can you even imagine the terror and stress on people who live in this reality ?)
… AIDS..530,000 ( you don’t hear anything about this because it requires a special kind of social distancing ! )
… Cancer… 2.6 Million
…Smoking …1.6 Million
…Alcohol….800 Thousand
…Suicide…350 Thousand
…Road Accidents…450 Thousand


The main point here is we are bombarded with Covid death statistics and ONLY Covid Death Statistics all day every day on every media outlet .

Maybe for perspective the tickers on this incredible website should be playing simultaneously .Maybe we would have a different view of this world wide Catastrophic event ?

Another point is…If we would all just stay home there would be no road accidents.
As it is I would expect that this category has been drastically reduced the last 2 months.

I don’t know if this perspective changes anybody’s minds regarding this virus threat and how it has been handled
But for sure it is food for thought regarding the outsized focus on this situation.
It is for me at least.