Bucky once asked, “If you are out treading water in the ocean, from a sinking ship you were on, what is more valuable, a bar of gold or a piano top?

When calamity hits, do we chose disrepair or appreciation?

What good may come from all of this present viral infection? Nothing is ever wasted in nature……..

For starters, we have been very ill prepared for this world wide virus, might we be more prepared for next time? How could we not be!

And if a next one is worse?

Another huge impact from this virus has been the world wide increase of telecommuting, working from home. Haven’t we had insanely congested traffic, enormous amounts of pollution from it? Pollution that has affected our air, water and health? Commuting times that waste millions of hours by having to drive? Guzzling enormous numbers of gallons of gas? Parents away from home long hours every day?

How much more we might appreciate our health care workers, grocery store workers, sanitation supply makers?

How about all of us appreciating life, our families and what we have rather than insatiable appetites for getting more of everything?

I continue to hear this everyday from friends and relatives………The list goes on!!!!

Nothing is ever wasted in nature………