This is the first time in World History that Mankind is fighting TOGETHER against a common enemy

Science fiction predicted the enemy would be Aliens from outer Space

Turns out the enemy is a an invisible invader from the Animal world.

A tiny little 1 micron sized mindless terrorist .

Looks like an alien with all those spikes and stuff.

The Whole world is united in finding a way to defeat the little beast.

I believe a vaccine and or cure will be found much sooner than we have been programmed to expect.

The whole world is sharing knowledge…using Super Computers …working TOGETHER !

Meanwhile the Atmosphere is clearing and Gaia is getting a well deserved rest .

I also believe mother nature will work with us and shine its light into the darkness…radiation from the sun is picking up every day now that we have passed the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere …blasting the little buggars

EVERYBODY ..DO YOUR PART….Before you go to sleep every night Visualize the radiation from the Sun which is life giving for us all raining down and zapping these wicked little cretins wherever they are hiding.

Send your blessings and appreciation to the micro scientists of the world who will find a way and the incredibly dedicated medical people on the front lines .

As far as the economy goes…whats a few quadrillion here or there anyhow