Yes I am obsessed by this most incredible situation we are staring at ….


1.35 MILLION people are killed in Motor vehicle Accidents every year worldwide .

This is an epidemic that no one cares to curtail.

40,000 deaths in the USA per year on average.

These are horrific deaths..each and every one of them.

It affects ALL age groups not just the elderly.

And this is just deaths …how about all those maimed for life …probably 10 times this number.

These are sudden deaths.

Each of these 1.35 million people were just bopping along living their lives as usual up to the minute before they were destroyed !

What can be done about this you ask ?

Haw about reducing speed limits to 30 mph…..and jail time for 40 MPH

That’ll do it .

People would adjust wouldn’t they ?

So what if it takes twice as long to get somewhere…leave earlier OR don’t go

It’s a matter of life or death .

Better still ban the damn things….you would solve the pollution problem as well and save millions of more lives. Everyone walk to work and school and to the stores….or just stay home and keep a healthy distance so that someone doesn’t bump into you .

Point is there are a lot of ways to die unexpectedly

If you want to reduce each and every one of them …you can do it.

Without destroying the Worlds Economy and millions of peoples financial security.

Too late for this now ….the deed is done….

So completely unnecessary was it not ?

Not to be insensitive or callous but Living is a risk !

Sooner or later something is going to take you out.

But to destroy peoples lives to curtail a virus that for 99.9% of the people who get it is similar to the flu …was that really necessary ?

condolences to the families who have lost members to this virus ..and also to those who have lost loved ones to the flu and cancer and heart disease and accidents and lightning strikes and murder and and and