The entire country is locked down.

1 million tests distributed now. 4 million by end of week.

Mobile testing is ramping up like in South Korea where it worked like a charm.

China: Even Wuhan is seeing just a handful of new cases now.

My prediction:
Testing ramping up will cause a major spike in cases shown for maybe even less than 2 weeks. Then the daily new cases will level out just before the beginning of April and start to drop significantly.

Our case profiles will look like China’s and South Korea’s:

More predictions:
-Major run up begins in the stock market.
-Significantly new highs before election with the Fed having lowered rates to Zero.
-Best asset class to be in next 3 years? United States stock markets.
-Manufacturing and jobs will grow tremendously in America as we realize we need to rely less on a global supply chain especially for crucial items like drugs.
-United States Dollar will run up to new highs over 160.
-America is about to begin one of the most impressive economic runs anyone has ever seen…

Edited to say: Or I’m wrong, and I have to sell at the open on Monday! Haha! 🙂 But I don’t think so…. Even if the Dow goes to 18-19,000 I believe that will be IT. No lower….. It will hold in the United States.