Credit market is the center of the Global financial market universe.

Watching/monitoring these credit indicators can lead to market positioning Long or Short.

Libor3 rates to 3 months Treasury bill rate : Libor3/ $IRX
Yield curves across all maturities specially L TNX/ IRX, TYX/FVX (5yr Treasury),…
Credit spread High yielding Junk bonds to Treasury bond : MUT/TLT, HYG/IEF or JNK/TLT.
Gold to silver ratio or Silver to gold ratio.

From time to time all of the above charts have been shared here for benefit of valuable members.

Below is a youtube post by George Gammon explaining exactly how REPO works and hos FED is watching the same indicators for healthy liquidity.

In the video he explains why Gold and silver goes down during initial credit contraction crash phase. First time learned new info. Great.

To help understand video latest credit charts are included below.