Plunger said I should have called my post last Friday, “Brave and Reckless” instead of “Brave and Smart”. He was right, and I may be doing the same thing again. Never learn I guess…

I liked my buy last Friday because it was at support. I sold Monday, after unfortunately getting gapped down on, and just rebought about 15 mins before the close Thursday.

I found some great 2x ETF’s that I bought:
DDM 2x Dow
UWM 2x Russell
QLD 2x Nasdaq

I’m doing 2x’ers where I can now. 3x’ers are killers. Just look at JNUG yesterday. It got destroyed losing over 61% in a single day. The volatily of a 3xer just causes way too much decay as well, destroying the price in sideways markets.

My reasoning on my buy: I see a lot more major supports being hit. Also, How do you get more blood in the streets than we saw on Thursday? Buy when there’s blood in the streets…. And lastly: it never goes down to the obvious spot. It’s always going to turn before that and leave people behind….

If the supports I’m looking at break again, I’ll sell tomorrow.

My 2x China short did well today. I recommend this:

I think the world will be moving a lot of manufacturing out of China slowly for a while, especially the USA, and I think this will benefit the USA economy and really hurt China going forward. The USA is bringing a lot of manufacturing back….