Long time passing.

In the beginning of Goldtent circa 2006

Most members at that time were Goldbugs and Libertarians.

People who are attracted to Gold for their belief that the monetary system is corrupt

and eventually all monetary systems die.

And that Gold will be the basis of the New Monetary System.

This is the basis on which the Tent Community has been built.

Well ….that seems to have gone by the wayside and the Goldbugs have all gone back to the 2 parties

Some ( most) are Trump Loving “conservatives” hoping to annihilate all Left Wingers and their “leaders”.

Some ( a minority) are Trump Hating “liberals ” hoping to annihilate all Right Wingers and their leaders”

No more Libertarian Talk ….at all….

CNN is the choice for the Lefties and FOX is for the Righties …where is the Libertarian Channel ?

No one remembers Ron Paul was a legitimate candidate and had a lot of passionate support 7 years ago.

Why has that not been built Upon.

Why Is there no Viable Libertarian Party .

Ron Paul is NOT a Republican…He is a Libertarian.

Should this NOT be a viable Party and Viable option in the USA ?

I know most of you don’t like talking politics here .

But this is different.

I am asking where is all the emotion that was built up and inspired by Ron Paul’s Campaign in 2012

It should have been a starting point to build a Party Upon.

And Now with this Great and Widening Devide

Is there not a Leader who can take the reins from Ron Paul and show Americans what could be ?

If this posts meets with no comments …so be it….Libertarianism is Dead….good luck to all in the Civil War.