Great Chart…I love it Sir Patrick

One Head is Dempocrap and the other Repulivscam

Perfect Symbolism


You USA guys Blew it.

This could have been year 7 of a Ron Paul Presidency

Year 5 of A Modified Gold Standard

Complete with

A Rip Roaring REAL Economy (after the initial washout of the old decayed system )

Individual rights are respected and protected.

More Honesty in Elected “Representatives”….

Probably would be World Peace too as a side effect.

Free Energy

Instead you ride a TWO HEADED SNAKE !

Each head would LOVE to Swallow the other and be THE ONE to lead you !

great Choice you are given

How come nobody is talking about a Third Party…a Real Third Party.

I think the time has never been better for a Libertarian President.

Ron Paul is probably past his “best before date”

I am sure there is another Leader to be found who could win this race.

Someone with Humbleness Charisma Intelligence and Integrity.

That’s what you need and you all know it.

Ron Paul had momentum back in 2012.
His message was really resonating with young people especially.

I can’t get this song out of my head lately.

I know if I was down there in the US I would be very happy to support a humble gentle man

with incredible knowledge of what a sound economy must be based on…sound money.

A lot better than that damn snake.