Look at all TA’s including EW.
it is one person analysis.

Our current low within wave *iv* is 1490.70.
Our retracement levels for all of wave *iv* are:

23.6% = 1495.70;
38.2% = 1451.30
Wave *v* and all of wave .iii. have an initial target of 1704.40.

We cannot rule the possibility that wave *iii* is still underway and subdividing further and hence going to extend to our second projected endpoint which is:

*iii* = 1.618*i* = 1745.60!

We are working on the assumption that all of wave .iii. is now complete at the 19.75 high and that we have been falling in our wave .iv. correction, which is likely now complete at the 17.47 low.
Wave .v. currently has a target of 26.09.

We could also could still be working on an expanding wave .iii., which also has a second endpoint of

.iii. = 2.618.i. = 26.09.