For a while I had abandoned Stage Analysis in favor a more simple trading framework. I didn’t look at macro… or weight of evidence… just the chart! No moving average, only candles. I wanted to trade forex, and my broker had no volume data, so Stan Weinstein’s framework went out the window.

On completion of a pattern with a horizontal break line, I’d enter, setting my 2 conditional orders to get out, for a profit OR loss! I would then move one, not caring in the world what was happening to the chart. Never moving my sell-stops or profit limits.

Do or die. I could get within inches of my target, only to have the price revert back all the way down to my stop-loss. Or I’d reach my target, exit at the profit limit, but would miss out the rest of the move that Stage Analysis would of let me grab!

That was the price I was willing to pay for my lack of emotional robustness.